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Meet Theo

Theo is St. Therese School’s Therapy Dog. Theo is a certified therapy/facility dog and works in a variety of ways throughout our school.


He is a five-year-old standard poodle. Standard poodles are a hypoallergenic and highly intelligent breed, making them well-suited for work as service and therapy dogs.


Therapy Dogs in School


Having a dog in the school has been shown to be beneficial to students by promoting positivity, lifting moods and fostering empathy. Many times when dogs visit the classroom, students laugh and find themselves positively engaged in meaningful interactions and discussions. Dogs in a school setting have been used to comfort and build confidence of students through unconditional support and their ability to sense student needs. In addition, Theo can help support emerging readers and students who may benefit from reading to him to build confidence. Empirical evidence suggests that school dogs improve problem solving skills and memory for students. He is also available to help students individually as needed during the school day. Dogs with training like Theo learn to read the cues of students. He may nuzzle next to a sad student or help to calm down a student who is over-stimulated or frustrated. Theo also works with small groups through the counseling program to help promote calm-down activities and perspective-taking skills.

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