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St. Therese Giving

God loves a cheerful giver. 
2 Corinthians 9:7

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Whether you realize it or not, each time someone makes a gift to STS above and beyond your financial commitment it's a way to say “thank you.”


Whether it’s a gift from a thankful alumna/us or a grateful parent, each time someone chooses to make a gift to STS, they choose to demonstrate their gratitude for the work our teachers are doing every day. So often when special projects arise or we hit financial bumps in the road, generous donors come through to provide the support we need to get things done. Please consider giving “extra” so we can continue to provide an exceptional education for every student. 

In addition to giving opportunities, there are several opportunities times throughout the year when volunteers are needed. Watch the bulletins for more information.

Endowment Fund

Financing the Future

Investments in the St. Therese School Endowment Fund produce annual income and provide stability for the School well into the future. Endowment earnings are used for various priorities including campus improvements and faculty development.

“Please consider an enduring legacy gift to the Endowment on behalf of St. Therese, which will assist in a student’s formation of a Christian world view and faith centered pathway through life”. 


Brad Grill, Parishioner and Diocesan Endowment Committee Board Member

Annual Sponsorships


Annual Sponsorship opportunities are available. Your business could be recognized by our 3000+ parish families and 400+ school and early education families.


Please contact Erinn Brown for more information at: or 816.741.2800 x239

Our K -8



Our students have opportunities to explore, enrich, and engage their relationship with God, self, and others.

The St. Therese Difference


Learn about our education philosophy and what makes us Viking Strong!


the Basics


Go above and beyond our education with our additional programs including STEAM, Arts, and Quest.

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