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Our Students & Graduates

Faith-filled & Articulate - Confident & Capable - Kind & Supportive -Respectful & Joyous

Notable Achievements


In 2021, four of our local high schools had STS graduates as their Valedictorians

Our Graduate

These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe students and graduates of St. Therese School. Our graduates have been consistently recognized for their leadership, strong academic preparation and achievement, as well as their study skills, interest in learning, and personal integrity.


Following graduation from St. Therese, many of our students go on to receive high school honors and awards, are recognized for giving back to their community, and continue to excel in the classroom, on stage, and in athletics. Locally, high school teachers report that St. Therese students are very well prepared, the first to volunteer, not afraid to ask questions and are a joy to have in class. Furthermore, after high school, nearly all our graduates go on to attend colleges and universities across the nation.

“St. Therese prepared me for high school and beyond by giving me a solid foundation in my faith and academics…and a solid foundation for my faith that I’ve always fallen back on.”

 Andrew Hipp, Class of 2014 / Cadet - United States Military Academy at West Point

“I felt I was a more prepared for my classes than my peers were because of the teachers I had and the skills they taught me.”

 Rosemary Cherian , Class of 2014 / Pre-Med student, UMKC

​“The religious education is phenomenal…everything is built on the sacraments a center of religious education.”

 Xavier Schmidt, Class of 2014 / Seminarian- Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph

Current Students

Avery, 6th:

"My most memorable experience was doing the culture project (in Social Studies class). I think it is fascinating to learn about other cultures. I like learning about how other people live."

Pete, 6th:

"My favorite thing about St. Therese was difficult to decide but, it is the ability to learn about my faith in a Catholic environment being taught by some of the greatest teachers ever."

student voices.png
Sydney, 5th:

"I enjoy working with other students on cool projects. Also, being on the robotics team and getting to go to the state competition."

Emily, 7th:

"My favorite tradition at St. Therese is when the last child of the family honors his or her mother with a rose at May Crowning. I think it is wonderful that our school admires the mothers and all they have done for their child while at St. Therese. I am grateful to be part of a school that provides such a special send off."

Lyla, K:

"My favorite tradition is student of the month." 


Quinn, 1st:

"My favorite thing of the year was in science we made sounds flicking rubber bands on a cup of water while we learned about light and sound." 


Isaac, K:

"Learning is my favorite thing!"


Faith &



Our students have opportunities to explore, enrich, and engage their relationship with God, self, and others.

The St. Therese Difference


Learn about our education philosophy and what makes us Viking Strong! 


& Values


Providing students spiritual, intellectual, moral, and social potential through our mission and values.

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