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Our K - 8 Education

Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade

Our curriculum includes:

  • Love of Jesus and others, sacramental preparation for Reconciliation and Eucharist, Creation, Mass preparation and participation, Rosary, Mary, Nativity Story, basic Catholic Prayers

  • Pre-reading skills, phonics, phonemic awareness, sight words, word structure, vocabulary, oral reading fluency, comprehension, D’Nealian handwriting, six-trait writing

  • Number-sense skills, computation of addition and subtraction, double-digit addition and subtraction, telling time, counting money, measurement, place value, graphing

  • Forces and motion, life cycles, sound, rocks, soils, habitats, weather, plants

  • United States regions, Native Americans, economics, national symbols, early American History

  • Coding, robotics, design, beginning engineering concepts, digital citizenship, keyboarding, Google docs, Google Sheets


3rd & 4th Grade

Our curriculum includes:

  • Old and New Testament, Liturgical year, Ten Commandments, Beatitudes, Sacraments, Sacramentals, saints, miracles of Jesus

  • Parts of speech, sequencing, fact and opinion, inferences, dictionary skills, paragraph writing, grammar, exposure to various genres of literature, sentence structure, comprehension skills

  • Place value, problem-solving, multiplication and division facts, long division, geometry, square roots, decimals, fractions, graphing

  • Animal life cycles, matter, earth, solar system, weather, water cycle, plant life cycle, measurement tools, electricity, friction, gravity, animal habitats


  • Government, early U.S. settlement, cultures, communities, maps, United States regions, Missouri history

  • Navigation of multiple programs (online), keyboarding skills, Internet search techniques

  • Coding, robotics, design, beginning engineering concepts, digital citizenship & digital Gmail responsibility, keyboarding, basic video production

5th  & 6th Grade

Our curriculum includes:

  • Liturgy, Sacraments, the Rosary, Prayer, Creed, Old and New Testament, parables, social justice, Trinity, morality

  • Spelling, vocabulary, grammar, mechanics, writing process, six-trait writing, personal narratives, expository writing, research papers, letter writing, creative writing, reading a variety of genres, short stories, poetry, drama, mythology, comprehension skills, fluency

  • Place value, probability, geometry, measurement, fractions, decimals, percent’s, problem solving, graphs, geometry

  • Scientific method, animal adaptations, ecology, genetics, Earth science, solar system

  • Colonial times through the American Revolution, 20th century U.S., ancient civilizations, geography, the Reformation, Renaissance, map skills

  • Multi-media design, robotics, engineering design process, Google Suites, biomedical


7th & 8th Grade

Our curriculum includes:

  • Theology of the Body, Salvation history, moral virtues, scripture, theology, Incarnation, Trinity, Paschal Mystery

  • Problem solving, proportional thinking with algebraic concepts embedded throughout the program

  • Novel studies, literacy analysis, short stories, poetry, screenplays, thesis statements, research papers, precision in writing, and grammar

  • Cells, human organ systems, ecology, plant life, matter, energy, force and motion

  • American Revolution, Manifest Destiny, Civil War, Reconstruction, the Great Depression, World War II, Korean Conflict, Vietnam, U.S. Constitution

  • Design & Modeling, Medical Detectives, multi-media design, robotics, coding

Interested in Applying?

Our goal is to make a quality Catholic education available to as many families as possible.


We look forward to the opportunity of educating your children. Thank you for considering St. Therese School.



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Go above and beyond our education with our additional programs  including STEAM, Arts, and Quest.




From athletics to robotics and more, students can participate in a wide variety of enriching activities.

The St. Therese Difference


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