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Viking Voyagers

St. Therese Before & After School Care Program


The Viking Voyager Program has a long history of providing school-age before and after school care at St. Therese. We strive to offer activities that students will enjoy. Students have the opportunity to play outdoors (or in a large space indoors in poor weather), play games, and socialize. We keep students safe and happy before/after school by providing caring adults, a pleasant physical environment and lots of fun activities.

About Viking Voyagers

First and foremost, the staff must provide a safe environment. To meet that goal, we follow state standards for staff-to-student ratios, keeping at least one adult for every 16 children in order to stay within ratios and to provide the safest environment.


NOTE: We do not offer a drop-in program.

Hours of Operation: 

6:30 A.M. - 7:30 A.M. & 3:15 P.M. - 6:00 P.M. on regular school days
6:30am - 7:30am & 12:15pm - 6:00pm on early dismissal days

7:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. on non-school days 


Rates are based on one child, per month

Due to the demand for our high-quality program, drop-in care is not available. Families must choose from one of the following program options.

Additional Considerations


Family Activity/Supplies Fee

$55 non-refundable per family is included in August's tuition invoice

Billing Information

When two children from a family are simultaneously enrolled in the Viking Voyager Program, the family receives 10% off one child's tuition. Families with three or more children enrolled in the program receive 10% off the second child and 15% off the third child's tuition.Families with one child enrolled in the Early Education Center, receive a 10% discount on one Viking Voyager tuition.


Tuition is billed monthly and due on or before the 1st for that month. Payments received after the 5th of the month will automatically be charged a $15.00 late fee. Services will be discontinued if payment is not made in full by the end of the month.

For information about the Viking Voyager program please contact Jason Holzer by email at

If you pick up after 6:05, there is a charge of $2 a minute per child. This should be paid directly to the people working. St. Therese time clock stops at 6:05, therefore this is the only way to pay employees who are staying late. Please have a cash or check ready when you pick up or within 24 hours.

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Viking Voyagers



Need to register your child for Viking Voyagers care? Find our online portal below. 




From athletics to robotics and more, students can participate in a wide variety of enriching activities.

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