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Scholarship Opportunties

For well over two decades, St. Therese Parish has offered scholarship opportunities for students who are interested in attending St. Pius X. Presently, this is a needs based scholarship


  • Be paid or current on any fees at St. Therese School

  • Have a 2023 parish commitment card on file which confirms your commitment is either paid or current.

  • Have a 2024 parish commitment card on file with the parish.

  • Complete a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application through St. Pius X High School. The deadline for the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment application is December 15, 2023. You may access the application at:

  • Submit a handwritten, one page essay by each student entitled, How I Strive to Live my Catholic Faith in Every Little Way.

Only families that qualify for the FACTS Grant are eligible for the SPX Scholarship. Parishioner families who are in public schools wanting to attend SPX may apply, meeting guidelines above.

Scholarships may be awarded up to $2000 per student. Application forms are available through the button below. The deadline is 4:00pm on January 31, 2024. Scholarships will be awarded by February 9, 2024. 

St. Pius X continues to offer scholarship to legacy students (children of alumni), families with more than one student at the school and children of diocesan employees. St. Pius X also offers discounts for families with four or more children. This is in addition to the memorial, academic and needs-based scholarships that SPX makes available. For more information visit:

Question on Scholarship details


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