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2020: STS COVID Update

Dear Families,

Happy Halloween, All Saints and All Souls weekend, I hope everyone has enjoyed the first quarter of the school year and are adjusting to the 2020 “normal”. St. Therese has completed the first quarter having all grades benefiting from in-person learning 5 days a week and COVID cases have remained relatively low. The cases we have had have been managed successfully thanks to our amazing teachers, staff, nurses and especially you, the parents.

  • To date, October 30th, this is the breakdown of COVID cases since opening in August:

    • 27 quarantined due to one exposure in the school

    • 43 quarantined due to outside exposures

    • 1 presumed positive case due to outside exposure

    • 3 positive cases due to outside exposures

Thankfully, none of these cases have spread to other classmates, teachers or staff. The system we have in place has been effective in containing the virus and with the help of parents we hope this trend continues.

With Halloween this weekend, the upcoming holidays and the current rise in cases in the area, please continue to be cautious and follow recommended guidelines provided by the CDC and local health departments.

If your child experiences ANY symptoms, please inform the school and keep your child home until we have a chance to confirm it is safe for them to return. Thank you for helping keep the kids in school and helping keep St. Therese safe.

Thank you,

Jonathan Rhodes

Business Manager

COVID Compliance Office


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